40-Ton truck gets stuck in the embankment on the a7 motorway

40-ton truck gets stuck in the embankment on the a7 motorway

Due to stomach pains, a 54-year-old driver from the rhineland only wanted to stop briefly on the hard shoulder, the highway police report. He went too far to the right with his semitrailer and came into the softened bankett. The dump truck, fully loaded with gravel, quickly sank into the soft ground and was unable to continue under its own power. The man therefore understood a towing company.

10.000 euros in damage
Since the tractor's fuel tank was resting on the concrete edge of the shoulder, it was not possible to simply pull it out without damaging the fuel tank – a crane truck was needed.
To recover the vehicle, the freeway police, with the support of the freeway maintenance department, temporarily closed the entire A7 in the direction of kassel.

The man from north rhine-westphalia was then able to continue his journey in his 40-ton truck. However, he was not able to be followed by a more than 10.000 euros in total damage to his vehicle and the banquet, and the costs of securing and salvaging the damage, will again cause stomach ache.

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