53-Year-old man out of control

53-year-old man out of control

According to initial findings, the suspect stopped the car of a 63-year-old man at the intersection of the european canal and frankenwaldallee (alterlangen district). First he lay down on the hood and then smashed the rear window of the VW with his fist. This reports the police prasidium nurnberg.

Further it says in the press report: "when the victim got out, he was immediately knocked down and kicked by the attacker". Afterwards the 53 year old kicked the vehicle of a 59 year old woman. He damaged the hood and the fender and tried to open the driver’s door, but was held back by passers-by. Now he switched back to his first victim and injured him again.

Several witnesses tried to stop the man. Only the arriving patrol crew tied up the out-of-control man. An alcohol test showed a value of over two promille. In addition, it is suspected that the man was under the influence of drugs. The driver of the car had to be taken to a hospital for treatment with moderate injuries.

As it turned out, the 53-year-old had already been very aggressive on a bus. In the hauptstrabe in erlangen the aggressive got on a bus in the direction of buchenbach.After a short time, an argument developed there with several passengers. The man threatened them shortly before he left the bus at the bus stop albert-schweitzer-gymnasium. To fub the drunk one went finally in the direction of crossing at the europe canal, on which the described facts occurred.

The public prosecutor’s office in nurnberg-furth filed an application for detention against the suspected offender. Today, he is to be brought before the investigating judge at the district court of erlangen for examination of the question of liability. Against the man is filed on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm, threat, property damage and insult.

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