“A game with fire”

In the morning a joint and the day is your friend. That's how it could be, if "soft" drugs should be legalized, as the left and the pirates have recently demanded again. Lars H. (name changed) from bad kissingen sees it quite differently. He used heroin for two years and is now trying to overcome his addiction. His urgent advice: "don't start at all."

For lars H. Was hashish the gateway drug?. He first came into contact with it at the age of 13 and has not been able to get away from it ever since. You can see it in his face: he always looks a bit sleepy, has overly coarse pupils.
H. Has hard times behind him. The downward spiral has been accelerating. First cannabis, then party drugs, then heroin. 50 to 60 euro a day – he needed for substance; or even more. Then he realized "that it can't go on like this". He had lost his real friends, his job was gone, his family turned their backs on him. In addition, there was "stress with the police".

He drew the reibleine. After a sentence of one year with probation (for procuring crime, among other things), painful withdrawals and months of inpatient therapy, he has finally managed to get off heroin. The "substitute methadone helps him. But the smoking goes on: "sure."

"If I had had other friends, it would not have come to this", has H. Recognized.

Still, he's for release on grounds many shoplift to buy drugs. He combined this with an appeal to keep your hands off intoxicating drugs.

The earlier, the worse

Christian fenn is against the release of hashish, marijuana, extasy. The social pedagogue has been a street worker at the bad kissingen drug help center kidro since 1998. He knows what he is talking about. When intoxicants were liberalized, it was suggested that these drugs were "harmless" are. This is a "game with fire. He has regular contact with more than 200 users, meets about a dozen a day. He knows the problems his clients face: "nothing gets through to the head". They have zero desire for anything, some lie to themselves about the world. Many people tell themselves they are sick: "every 'cough' becomes an argument to stay in bed". Even cannabis or marijuana "many people play it down completely" – can "extremely destroy the brain". The earlier you start consuming, the worse it gets. Some addicts are like children, many developmental steps have simply passed them by.

Not creating new problems

Fenn also does not want to accept that drug abuse has no consequences. It may be that people can cope with this, "but that is not the rule, FEMALE.

The topic has always been controversial, says stefan haschke, head of the bad kissingen police and father of three boys. He has a "very clear position" on this: no release. There are already serious problems with alcohol. Further difficulties with other drugs should "not be gotten into without need". He is also glad that the border demarcation already applies to cannabis and not just to heroin.

Haschke says, already today the public prosecutor can "soften" the case of self-consumption drugs in adults refrain from prosecution. That is – as a condition – often linked to an educational mabnahme. And: "we also make sure that 'stumbled' people accept counseling offers."

"I don't think a release is a good idea, because I have observed that many people get a feeling of 'stubbornness' after many years of being used to the club." Matthias gobhardt is a judge and often has to deal with junkies. Many people's inner drive is diminished, there is "indifference to making a living". There is neglect.

Germut schneeberger, head of the health department, speaks of a serious question that politics has to decide on. He personally is "not a supporter of legalization. "We already have enough drug problems, for example with alcohol." He issued a strong warning about the serious health problems that could result from intoxicant use.

"Insist on the ban"

"Nothing at all" stop eduard lintner from releasing "soft" drugs drugs. The CSU politician was the federal government's first drug commissioner from 1992 to 1998. Even then there were "heated discussions" about a legalization given. Lintner referred to the "age-old insight that the easier it is to get hold of a substance, the more people become addicted to it. Therefore it was right to insist on the ban.

Advocates of legalization say hashish and marijuana are not as deadly as drinking and smoking. There was less procurement crime. The state would save money if it no longer prosecuted offenses. The ban is unacceptable. After all, drug addiction is not a crime, but a disease.
Opponents say the state has a duty of care. There is a threat of a drug boom. They point to medical and psychological risks.

Cannabis is banned in many countries. The possession of small amounts is often not punishable by law. Regular use can lead to brain changes in young people. With adults it can come to character changes.

Advice and help is available at kidro. Christian fenn works there (phone: 0971/ 69 93 803 or 0170/ 85 25 180). Caritas also offers addiction counseling (0971/ 72 46 29; [email protected]).

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