A life full of work and joy

A life full of work and joy

Konrad and magdalena fortner, nee hartlohner, celebrated the rare anniversary of an iron wedding – 65 years of marriage – in the burgstall district of herzogenaurach on tuesday. Mayor german hacker (SPD) and protestant pastor karola schurrle also dropped by with the congratulations of the city and the church community.

84-year-old magdalena and her husband konrad, who is three years older, were visibly pleased with the visit, and there was a lot of laughing. The mayor had also brought a congratulatory letter from minister-president markus soder (CSU) and a calendar of bavarian landscapes. This was immediately searched for french motifs and the jubilarian was not disappointed, because french was also taken into account. He did have one small criticism, however, because there are more motifs from upper bavaria in the calendar.

The couple celebrated their iron wedding anniversary on a small scale at home in burgstall. The couple invited seven children, ten grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren to the "gasthaus bar" on saturday for the actual celebration.

The couple has known each other since their school days, but it wasn’t until the 1950s, when they were both taught to dance by their elders in what was then the tiefel inn, that they got to know each other better and celebrated their wedding anniversary on the 26th of march. November 1954 their wedding.

Also for the 65th. On her wedding day, magdalena fortner received from her brother konrad a wedding toast with red roses. The first years were not easy. After the early death of his father, konrad fortner had to take over the milk collection point right next to the farm at home and delivered the milk from burgstall to the dairy in herzogenaurach until 1980. The farm they gave up in 1971 required a lot of strength and perseverance.

"The work at a young age also had something good, so we have remained fit to this day", revealed the couple. Besides, konrad fortner was also the commander of the voluntary fire department of burgstall for five years and then second commander for many years.

Never too old for the table

The jubilarian also regularly goes to two get-togethers, one of which he even founded 23 years ago. After giving up farming, fortner went to work protection at schaeffler, it was only supposed to be a few months because of the health insurance and in the end it turned into 25 years.

The couple’s joie de vivre is undiminished, as you could see when they talked about their 65 years of life. They did not hide the fact that there were sometimes disputes as in almost every marriage. "A quarrel must be over and forgotten the next day, and in all the 65 years the word divorce was never thought of, let alone spoken", fortner said with a smile.

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