A packed program for the nenzenheim church fair

Traditionally, the church fair is celebrated in nenzenheim on the second sunday after st. Michael’s day. Four clubs provide from 11. Until 14. October for offering varied entertainment in iphofen’s roughest part of town, says a press release.

On friday it starts at 5 p.M. With a hearty "schlachtschussel" in the firehouse. From 20 o’clock the local boys take over the rudder and invite to a "kerwa-fete" with bar and disco.

The event continues on the saturday of the church fair, when the people come together at the market square. There at 16 o’clock the kirchweihbaum is set up. From 20 o’clock in the fire-brigade hall to sounds of the duo tequila the dance leg can be swung.

The kirchweih sunday begins at 9.30 o’clock with the church service in the michaeliskirche. At 10.30 o’clock the reinspielen of the kirchweih takes place at the market place, where starting from 13 o’clock the traditional procession with several topic cars starts. Afterwards the church sermon is read out.

Sports continue on the soccer field: from 2 p.M. The second team of the SG seinsheim – nenzenheim plays there, and from 4 p.M. The first team plays against the soccer team from schwarzach. Barbecue at the sports center.

Kirchweihmondag is protection day. At 13.30 o’clock is line-up for the move, where the new schutzenkonig will be picked up. In the guardian house the old altmannshauser play afterwards, there is coffee and cake. From 6 p.M. Onwards, the fire department hall will once again serve knuckles, rooster and currywurst.

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