Accident on slippery road: woman driver injured

Accident on slippery road: woman driver injured

An accident with an injured person occurred on thursday at 14.50 o’clock between grafenneuses and geesdorf. A 54-year-old peugeot driver drove her car off the road to the right on a slippery road surface.

She suffered significant injuries to her chest and spine and had to be taken to a clinic in wurzburg by the ambulance service. The car, which was no longer roadworthy, was totally damaged (4000 euros) and towed away.

Car hit and cursed

Between monday (7 pm) and thursday (10 am), a black ford escort parked in herrnstrabe in mainbernheim was hit on the left front bumper corner and damaged (200 euro). Clues to the causer are currently unknown.

Truck gets stuck on fence: 500 euro damage

Between 10 a.M. On monday and 3 p.M. On thursday, a boundary fence was damaged in the industriestrabe in wiesentheid, presumably by a maneuvering truck. The damage is estimated at 500 euros. The causer escaped unrecognized.

"Black box" disconnected proceedings initiated

A 15-year-old moped rider was stopped by police on wurzburger strabe in kitzingen on thursday. It was discovered that the young man had the so-called "black box" of the vehicle disconnected in order to achieve a higher final speed. However, since he was not in possession of a driving license, which has now become necessary, he faces a trial for driving without a license. The vehicle keys were seized.

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