Angelic visit for hospital patients

angelic visit for hospital patients

Peace he wants to give to all – hope for a new life. Loud sounds from far and near – "the one without a soul is here", the hospital's own choir sang in the entrance hall of the scheblitz jurassic clinic about the arrival of the savior. The contemplative sounds were meant for the patients, who were later to enjoy the singing in the corridors, as well as for the district administrator gunther denzler.

However, this loved to wait at first: only with a slight delay the landrat arrived. For the eighteenth time already, denzler honored the patients with personal christmas pits. These annual visits have already become a routine for the local politician. But he was still supported by three little christmas angels.

The nine-year-old girls lana, amelie and selina are all daughters of the clinic's treatment staff. In their long weasels they are supposed to bring the sick a small heavenly grave, in the form of little plazas.

A change from everyday life
After the funeral ceremony in the foyer of the juraklinik, it's straight on to the patients in the hospital rooms. However, the very first bed to which the little presences are to be taken is empty.

83-year-old anton weig, who is in the next room because of knee problems, is very happy about the visit: "it's always nice to be visited, just like when your grandchildren come," he says, says the knee patient after the district administrator has wished him "all the best and merry christmas" desired.
Chief physician thomas eberlein also sees that his "patients love it, because "when do you ever get a district administrator right at your bedside??"

The patient maria morche is also "happy about the person" of the county council. His visit is simply a "nice gesture and a nice change" from the hospital routine, says the 83-year-old, who hopes to be discharged before the holidays.

Sebastian lang, who underwent surgery for a fracture of the groin, will probably be able to go home after just one night and spend christmas eve safely at home. Nevertheless, he is happy that he can "still take" the christmas-visite can. It is precisely because of the "older people" that the knee patient, the 22-year-old thinks it is "good that there is such an action". It simply gives the patients "courage.

Personal words in fast motion
Gunther denzler sees this as "encouraging as his "most important task on this day. It was very important to him to take over the tradition of the christmas-visit from his predecessor and so to give "people who don't have the best luck around christmas time" a chance for a "deep talk", to support. According to the district administrator, the action requires a great deal of concentration, but "you have to adjust to a new person every two minutes for two hours".

This "balancing act between a "profound conversation and the "lack of time, the local politician, however, masters the situation in his usual professional manner. Before entering the room, denzler is quickly told the name and the origin of the patient. With a smile, a firm handshake and an individual saying such as "you look really healthy again", or "i have brought you three christian children", he moves from room to room.

This individual closeness to the patients is also important to the clinic managers: eberlein explains that "everything runs more smoothly" in the juraklinik than in other hospitals. "In there they are number 125. We here know our patients by name."

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