British twitter chief apologizes over threats

British twitter chief apologizes over threats

He promised to do more about it and confirmed that the company would also introduce a "report abuse" button on its website in september. This already exists in smartphone apps. He also said the company would hire more employees to investigate complaints.

Around 124,000 users had signed a corresponding online petition in recent days. According to the BBC, police are currently investigating eight cases of threats against women in the UK, usually women who are active in the media and in public and who speak out confidently. Activist caroline criado-perez, who has successfully campaigned for women’s images on banknotes, has received threats of rape, for example.

Criado-perez reported renewed extreme incriminations on twitter on sunday. She has received threats of murder, rape and bombing in the past 24 hours, she told the BBC. Cambridge professor and television expert mary beard, who has been the victim of repeated schmah tweets in the past, called in the police after a user claimed on saturday night that a bomb had been planted outside her house at 22.47 clock should go off. She described the threat as "stupid and disgusting".

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