Burgerbadverein wants to keep fighting

Burgerbadverein wants to keep fighting

"This is our last chance!" Wolfgang blumlein called out to the members of the munnerstadter burgerbadverein, who had come to the ordinary members’ meeting at the hotel tilman. He was referring to the new citizens’ petition for the renovation of the indoor swimming pool, which has been closed since 2010 and whose final demolition was decided by the majority of the city council three years ago. The members’ discussion was further fueled by the recent news that the city council factions of the CSU and neue wege want to have a council referendum in addition to the citizens’ referendum to ask the citizens whether the indoor swimming pool should be demolished.

In the citizens’ petition of the burgerbadverein, on the other hand, they are asked whether they are in favor of the renovation of the baths. According to wolfgang blumlein, 1009 signatures have now been collected for the citizens’ petition. Some lists are still on the way and will be delivered later. About 650 valid signatures are needed, he said. On monday, 22. July the city council decides whether the citizens’ petition is valid.

"I assume that the citizens’ petition will go through. Who carries then the indoor swimming pool?" Wolfram graeber wanted to know. Currently, there is an extreme shortage of trained lifeguards "the city could not get anyone, even if they wanted to", replied wolfgang blumlein. Already therefore honorary helpers are necessary, which presses the personnel costs enormously.

Franz wust didn’t mince his words: "i think the council petition is a total screw-up of the citizens to confuse us", he said and got approval for this from the ranks of the about 50 members present. In addition, he asked "why the council petition was not made five years ago, then one could have experienced the will of the citizens already at that time".

Wolfgang blumlein only said that the current council petition was legally correct. Councillor leo pfennig (freie wahler) said about the new citizens’ petition "to find a hair in the soup will be hard enough. If the others were fair, they would overturn the demolition decision". He recommended: "be open for all times. It can go fast or not".

Councilman dieter petsch (freie wahler) calculated that in view of the much larger investments for the fire station and the multipurpose hall, the indoor swimming pool was only a smaller project and at the same time the one that was most demanded by the government. Wolfgang blumlein recalled that he and his deputy uwe kretzschmar had been to see minister-president soder, who had made the appropriate promises. "The board has been too naive for too long, because it has thought for too long that it would be possible to talk reasonably with the mayor", alrun lintner explained.

Dieter petsch wondered how things could continue, because "many city council members have made mistakes and are on the receiving end of their votes. The cost argument for the indoor swimming pool renovation was, however, invalidated by the two expensive large-scale projects mentioned above. One could build bridges to the opponents of the indoor swimming pool renovation through a coarser time window and not renovate until 2021 or 2022. But he also emphasized: "removing the skylights in winter was already wanton".

The today very already reorganized heimatspielhaus was also a ruin and one wanted to rub it off. "Why is the entire CSU in favor of demolition??" Franz wust wanted to know. "City councillors have said in a personal conversation ‘murscht needs the indoor swimming pool’ and now there is factional coercion", explained wilhelm schmitt. Mayor helmut blank said in 2008 "I know how to keep the indoor swimming pool". Wolfgang blumlein commented: "the mayor doesn’t care about arguments, he won’t compete anymore".

In the eyes of wolfram graeber, the council petition for CSU faction leader michael kastl, who is known to want to succeed helmut blank, is a test of whether he will be accepted. "It has been an eventful burgerbad year with ups and downs", said the chairman at the funeral of the 50 or so members who had turned up. He recalled that for the first citizens’ petition 1080 signatures had been submitted, but with 11:10 votes he had been rejected by the city council. "I am still of the opinion, that one could have also let run", he emphasized in his short report. He emphasized: "the friends of the indoor swimming pool do not give up. We want the preservation of the bath". He also named two dates for which helpers are needed: on 20. August the 3. Children and youth swimming in the outdoor pool in mabbach held. On 22. September is the 3. Burgerbad-fest planned.

Deputy chairman uwe kretzschmar, who is also head of the water rescue service in mabbach, quoted from a report pointing out that fewer and fewer elementary school students know how to swim properly and that the number of children drowning increased by 38 percent between 2017 and 2018. He appealed to his audience to sign an online petition from the DLRG calling for the preservation of swimming pools.

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