Candidates in the portrait: ursula seissiger (fdp)

Candidates in the portrait: ursula seissiger (fdp)

The ducks stretch their beaks toward the sun, a swan dips its head and neck into the cooling water of the main river. "They’ve got it good," says ursula seissiger and laughs. The 66-year-old is passionate about the river main and the element of water in general. "I could sit here for hours, look into the distance and let my mind wander."

This vastness – it also means freedom. And that is the keyword for seissiger with regard to her political commitment. "I stand up for civil rights and for the freedom of every individual to develop." That’s why they are running for the FDP.

A passionate general practitioner

She is passionate about her job as a general practitioner. And as an emergency doctor. "Already my father was a doctor. I grew up with that." But vehemently resists the helper syndrome. "That’s not why i do what i do," she says confidently. Again and again, seissiger returns to her profession, using it to underline political positions.

She only joined the FDP in 2009. Liberal elections have been held for a long time, since the end of the 60’s. At that time, as a young person, there was no way you could vote for the "stock conservative" CSU. "Under straub, that didn’t work at all."Seissiger grew up in the wurzburg district of grombuhl. Today she lives in frauenland, where she also has her practice. The 66-year-old is flexible. Should it work out with the political career, it could step shortly at any time. The campaign in the schweinfurt-kitzingen constituency also demonstrates the direct candidate’s flexibility. "I know the area here well. And also the people. What speaks against it?"

"The FDP is alive and kicking and ready for resurrection at any time"

The political magazine "der spiegel" recently called the FDP a zombie party. "Not really dead, not really alive," the article said. "The FDP is alive and kicking and ready to rise from the dead," counters seissiger, who is confident that her party will far exceed forecasts of around five to six percent.

Nevertheless, it is unlikely that the general practitioner will enter the bundestag from position 45 (bavaria). Doesn’t she feel like a placeholder?? "Why? I am committed to my party and hope for a high voter turnout."According to seissiger, the latter is characterized by a stable democracy. She opposes too much bureaucracy and top tax rates. The FDP wants to fight the consequences of secret tax increases (cold progression). "The state must not enrich itself from inflation at the expense of the burger."

"I’m a problem solver – i recognize problems, solve them and try to avoid creating new ones," says the woman with the white hair, laughing mischievously. The fact that she has been divorced once and is now separated a second time is something she stands by. "I feel good alone."She is proud of her two grown-up sons, "who also let me mother them from time to time".

She rejects data retention without cause

The FDP candidate does not think much of large-scale spying operations – most recently, the program of the U.S. Intelligence agency NSA caused a stir. She consistently rejects the unprovoked retention of data. "People in germany must not be placed under suspicion across the board." If at all, there must be an initial suspicion. "After that, detailed justifications must be provided."

The social sphere is important to the doctor. Respect and respect for the nursing profession must increase, she says. And: "just putting more money into the care does not bring anything." At the same time, new structures must be created and bureaucracy must be dismantled. "You’ll see," she tells this newspaper during an interview on the main promenade in schweinfurt: "in many things, the FDP is more socially sensible than the SPD."

As for the election programs of the other parties, the candidate likes to take a look at them. She has no qualms about using one or the other for her own party. "I steal all good ideas with a kiss on the hand."Your liberal attitude knows few limits, but it ends when others are endangered. She uses a current medical example: "parents should have their children vaccinated against measles."Although seissiger is against a general obligation to vaccinate, she was nevertheless in favor of only allowing vaccinated children to attend kindergarten, for example, during the risk period. "We have a responsibility to our fellow citizens."

Actually, seissiger could retire after a busy life, travel and just let her soul dangle. "I have already restricted the emergency medical service," she assures. But otherwise? She winks. "If I don’t go to the bundestag, I’d like to be elected to the wurzburg city council."And address issues such as food at a lower political level. "With this we can prevent diseases" – there she is again in her genre. The 66-year-old could be more active in the election campaign on the internet: "I haven’t really become active there yet," she says drawlingly. Vowed, however, to create a profile on facebook.

Since every human being is responsible for his or her own fate, even a doctor needs to relax: seissiger prefers to do this on the couch with a glass of wine and an episode of the crime series navy cis.

Ursula seissiger:

Ursula seissiger has been a member of the FDP since 2009. But the liberals have been electing her since the end of the 1960s. The 66-year-old from wurzburg is particularly interested in citizens’ rights, for which she wants to fight. Abhors scandals and tax increases are a no-go for her. Respect for everyone’s work and a family in which you can let yourself go is what she considers desirable. With her sons, who are 32 and 34 years old, she can do just that.

Otherwise, seissiger is solution-oriented. Social skills are essential in her work as a general practitioner and emergency physician. She also wants to bring these into her political work. Even if it is unlikely that she will enter the bundestag from position 45 on the state list, she sees it as her duty to represent the liberals.

She hopes for a high voter turnout and believes in an election result of the FDP far above 6.5 percent. In her hometown of wurzburg, she still wants to be politically active and take on responsibility after the federal elections. The doctor would like to become a member of the city council.

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