Cinema amok runner charged with mass murder

cinema amok runner charged with mass murder

He acted maliciously, "with extreme indifference to the value of human life," the indictment read. In addition, the prosecution accused him on monday of more than 100 counts of attempted murder. The former student again made an absent impression at times during the arraignment in centennial, colorado, according to the CNN TV network.

The question of whether holmes is sane was allowed to be at the center of the trial. Holmes, who appeared mentally unhinged a week ago, listened to the reading of the indictment silently and without visible reaction, reporters reported from the courtroom. His hair continued to be dyed bright red. He stared into space for a long time and opened his eyes wide. However, he made a more alert impression than he did a week ago.

The accused had said only one word. Judge william sylvester had asked him if he agreed with his lawyers’ request for more time before a preliminary hearing. Holmes answered "yes" in a barely audible voice, a CNN reporter said. Members of the victims’ families were also present in the audience. There were no pictures from the courtroom this time because cameras were banned.

Holmes allegedly shot and killed twelve, mostly young, moviegoers and wounded another 58 during a robbery at a movie theater. In addition, according to the police, he had set up booby traps in his apartment, which were also intended to kill people. He had been collecting weapons and ammunition for months, and his actions appeared to be carefully planned.

The charge was formally 24 counts of murder, the court document says. Twelve times he is accused of shooting to death with actual intent to murder. In the other twelve cases, the prosecution claims that because of the indiscriminate pushing around, twelve people died. This means there are two indictments for each murder victim.

The public prosecutor’s office had previously stated that it was calling for the death penalty. It must be filed in colorado within 60 days of arraignment. However, the death penalty is rarely imposed in the state.

Hardly any other rampage in recent years has shaken the americans as much as this bloodbath ten days ago during a "batman" performance. At the same time, voices are raised for stricter gun laws. The motives behind the crime remain completely in the dark.

Several indications fuel speculation about possible insanity of defendant. US media had reported that holmes had been under psychiatric treatment. He also allegedly sent letters to a university psychiatrist with alleged murder plans and violent fantasies. His appearance in court also raised such questions.

In addition, the court was to discuss another legal controversy on monday. This is about the alleged letter of the accused to his psychiatrist, in which he is said to have outlined murder plans. According to the lawyers, the publication threatens a fair trial. Confidential documents of a patient are involved. They demanded the release of the document.

The next hearing is scheduled for 9 a.M. August, the denver post reported. The trial is scheduled to begin with an advance hearing on 12. November to begin.

Only on sunday, another stroke of fate for a survivor of the rampage became known: a pregnant mother, who had already lost her six-year-old daughter in the bloody crime, suffered a miscarriage. The woman was six weeks pregnant, her family said, according to the newspaper denver post.

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