Communities adjust to natural burials

communities adjust to natural burials

He was asked whether there were also burial possibilities in the forest in the community, peter hart explains. Some time ago, the idea of creating a forest of peace arose in fuchsstadt. "The need is there. There are already inquiries from interested parties from abroad", says the mayor.

Even though the initial discussions have been somewhat quieter, the project is not off the table. Hart: "we want to think the matter through properly and make the decision thoughtfully." The councillors want to gather information. Therefore visit the ruheforst in zeitlofs on saturday.
After that, according to hart, it is necessary to examine whether the site at the kohlenberg chapel is suitable or whether there are other possibilities. Because the location on the coal mountain is controversial, especially because of the access road.

Ruhewald is open to all
In contrast to the regular cemetery in the town, people who are not from fuchsstadt can also be buried in the resting forest. Hart sees an advantage in the fact that those interested in a natural burial do not have to travel to the rhon. By spring the decision on the forest of rest should be made. "We will make him conform to the church", declares hart.

Meanwhile, the city of hammelburg has begun to allow burials under trees in its cemetery. "Rest forests are more and more in the talk. There is a demand for natural burials", says august brendan from the city administration, who also does a lot of volunteer work around the cemetery. Tree burials are already possible in larger cemeteries.

In the hammelburg cemetery, two urn graves have recently been laid out in the shade of a tree. In addition, two special urn plots have been created. One of them is behind the cemetery chapel. In a lawn next to a lime tree there is room for eight urns. Stone slabs will cover the individual fields. "There are people who have toyed with the idea of a forest for resting, but then decided on the cemetery because of the trees", reports brendan.

Coffin graves disappear
In the diebach district, there are also burial options with a connection to nature: there is space for a total of 30 urns under three maple trees. But above all, the hammelburg cemetery will be even more diverse in the future than it has been up to now. For where gaps are created because the resting period of classic graves has expired, lawns can be laid out for further urn fields.

The demand is rough. Urn burials account for 70 percent of burials, according to brendan. Casket funerals now account for only 30 percent of all funerals. Urn resting places come in different forms: as urn graves, urn tubes, urn walls, urn fields or anonymous urn graves. The urn burial under a tree is only the latest variant among them.

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