Court in the problem trabe

court in the problem trabe


The guardian stretcher connects the cross stone and the golden field. But possibly not for much longer. Because if the city of kulmbach and the spice manufacturer raps have their way, the schutzenstrabe will become a dead end – with access and exit only from the kreuzstein.

A road, which has not lost its traffic significance, was taken away from the general public. The company owner bernd dornhofer of the metal construction company of the same name, which has an access road in schutzenstrabe, is fighting the decision.

With the so-called partial retraction of a 70 meter long stretch of the road, the city, as reported, met a wish of raps: the company wanted to buy the former land of the municipal utility with the gas holder at the golden field and connect the new and the existing premises by building over the road.

Raps wants to invest

Last september, the city council unanimously approved the initiation of the confiscation procedure. They want, it was said, to enable a major investment by the company raps, which wants to create new jobs there.

The lawsuit of the company dornhofer is pending at the administrative court bayreuth. Therefore visited yesterday the 1. Chamber with the chairman angelika schoner the problem street. Among them: mayor ingo lehmann, city lawyer michael thamm and head of the municipal utility stephan proschold, managing director bernd dornhofer and his lawyer stefan kollerer from kulmbach, and raps managing director florian knell and his lawyer professor ulrich hosch from munich.

The meeting was not open to the public, the press was not allowed to attend. However, it was learned from the participants that not only were courtesies exchanged, but the opposing positions were expressed in clear language.

Press spokesman philipp hetzel of the administrative court of bayreuth put it this way: "it was not the case that the parties involved had come to an agreement." The parties were now given the opportunity to comment.

He went on to say: "the chamber is making every effort to keep the process moving." The right of action of the company dornhofer also plays a role here. The chamber has yet to determine whether the neighbor's rights are so severely restricted that he is entitled to sue.

City: building application received

Raps and the city of kulmbach did not comment, referring to the ongoing proceedings. OB lehmann confirmed only on inquiry that yesterday already a building application of the company raps in the building office had been received. "The application has not yet been processed", according to the mayor of oberburg.

Plaintiff attorney kollerer was more willing to provide information. He described it as "very unusual that a necessary road is abandoned for no reason – in favor of a rough operation and at the expense of the general public and especially my client".

He needs the access road from the golden field "otherwise he can no longer approach his property with heavy goods traffic". Kollerer criticized the city of kulmbach and explained that the law is on the side of the plaintiff. "Reasons of general welfare are not apparent, but only interests of the company raps", he said and asked: "how can i deal like this with the general public who want to use the tram and with other local businesses??"

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