Dispute over new organ donation suspicion in munich

Dispute over new organ donation suspicion in munich

"We have found in particular inconsistencies in statements about dialysis as well as laboratory values," he said. He referred to the report of an internal working group, which was set up at 6. August 163 liver transplants had examined. However, the bavarian ministry of science does not see any evidence of active manipulation at present.

The public prosecutor’s office in munich is investigating whether there is initial suspicion of a criminal offense. She has called in an expert. The comparison drawn by the president of the medical association frank-ulrich montgomery with the cases in gottingen and regensburg was rejected by the authorities: according to current findings, the investigators could not confirm this statement, said senior public prosecutor thomas steinkraus-koch.

On wednesday evening the federal medical association in berlin announced: "for the munich center in the clinical center right of the isar it was necessary to initiate a special investigation, because there are several anomalies here." Montgomery had thereupon declared in the bavarian broadcast: "it goes approximately into the direction like in gottingen and regensburg."There, a senior physician allegedly falsified his patients’ lab data so they could get a new liver more quickly.

The prosecutor’s office did not give further details. First, the medical expert must make a final assessment of the case, said steinkraus-koch. A criminal complaint filed by the hospital against an unknown person for slander is also being investigated. The hospital is thus defending itself against an anonymous letter to the ministry of science, in which irregularities in organ transplants were denounced. This letter was received after the internal investigation had begun, gradinger explained.

The hospital wanted to react to the incidents in gottingen and regensburg with the internal investigation. The results are due on 24. August was forwarded to the federal medical association and to the public prosecutor’s office. On thursday, the medical association sent questions about nine transplant cases, which will now be answered, gradinger said. He emphasized that the clinic had investigated the transplants on its own initiative and not under pressure from auben.

Bavaria’s health minister marcel huber (CSU) said the goal remains to create transparency in the system and regain trust in organ transplantation. "Internal controls are not enough. Bavaria will therefore introduce additional controls by a team of experts under external, independent management," explained huber. Federal minister of health daniel bahr (FDP) announced that a detailed review would be carried out. "There may have been violations of the guidelines," he told the "munsterschen zeitung" (friday).

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