Erhard: “we are not a bartering club”


"Serious accusations." – especially this partial signature and the following explanation to a report about a burgertreff of the "uberortlichen" in eltingshausen led to fierce uproar in the last community council meeting. "I cannot accept the accusation of having disregarded laws and municipal regulations", burgermeister siegfried erhard (CSU) showed his annoyance and included the municipal administration, with which the agendas for municipal council meetings are drawn up, with a.
The grouping "the supra-local" are represented in the municipal council by claudia and reinhard landgraf. They held a burgers' meeting first in ebenhausen and recently in eltingshausen. In ebenhausen, the after-action report spoke of an "overwhelming" number of people circle – there were seven participants in total. On eltingshausen, a reference to the number of visitors remained auben vor. A total of ten people attended, as gerhard fischer (CSU), one of the guests, pointed out.
In the said article of 23. In the last section, may was concerned with the fact that, irrespective of current topics, from the point of view of the supra-local, more topics than provided for in article 52 of the municipal code were not occasionally dealt with in the non-public part of the municipal council meetings. "If this is the case, the suspicion arises that the public is to be excluded from certain events, according to the serious accusation of the "superlocal", was to read.
"We are not a bartering club. I want to know what has been postponed", clarified erhard. Every member of the municipal council can hold a public or a public vote. Non-public consultation desired. For example, land negotiations and personnel matters are not public according to the law. Since reinhard landgraf had excused himself for the meeting, claudia landgraf replied that participants of the meeting about wind turbines and the renovation and expansion of the hegler hall felt ignored.

Platform: burgers' meeting
Klemens wolf (burgerblock oerlenbach) asked about the current topics of wind power and the hegler hall: "the report mentions points that are independent of this". There I had gladly a list to topics, which had been shifted into the non-public part. I feel personally attacked by the article." The report aroused the suspicion that the municipal council was deliberately shutting out the public. 2. Mayor franz kuhn (burgerblock oerlenbach) wanted to know who had passed on the report. "We wrote a press release and gave it to the newspapers", said mrs. Landgraf.
Gerhard fischer made it clear that he had attended as a local councilor and as a resident of eltingshausen, but not as the CSU local chairman, as the newspaper stated. "Suitable platform for residents are our burgers' meetings. Most of the time, there is already an answer to a question. All topics and, above all, motions are then dealt with in the municipal council. This year, 100 people came to eltingshausen, especially to learn about the planned bypass road", fischer recalled, and made it clear: "in the strongest possible terms, i reject the fact that we are discussing something that has to be public behind closed doors!". Who does not come to burgers meetings, can not know what burns on the nails. In addition, a citizens' initiative had been formed in eltingshausen in the matter of the bypass road and had made its concerns clear in a profound way at meetings and at a demonstration. Robert erhard (freie wahlergemeinschaft rottershausen) followed this up, countering that the local people were rarely or only rarely involved in the process. Did not come to the castle meetings. Points such as wind power, the hegler hall, inner-city development and the eltingshausen bypass were discussed in detail.

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