Frogs and crotes should migrate without danger

frogs and crotes should migrate without danger

In the nature reserve "tretzendorfer pond according to the german nature conservation association, the area between unterschleichach and tretzendorf has the largest amphibian population in the entire county. The frogs, toads, frogs, and newts migrate to their spawning grounds, and in doing so they have to cross the state road.

Effective protection through the erection of fences cannot be practiced there, since thousands of animals are on the move at the same time on the entire course between unterschleichach and tretzendorf on some nights. That is why amphibian protection has been carried out in a different way there for years. From 1. To 31. March may be closed the state road on nights with amphibian activity from 7 pm until 5 am the next morning. From 1. April to 31. May a closure between 8 p.M. And 5 a.M. Is possible. The amphibians can then safely reach their spawning grounds along the closed route.

The amphibian conservationists of the local nature conservation group eltmann/steigerwald, in cooperation with the police in habfurt, are in charge of the road closure. The district administration is involved. The federation for the protection of nature asks the road users for understanding for the mabnahme.

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