Hannes kolb on the jump

Hannes kolb on the jump

Already in his third year of life, the "gasoline-in-the-blood-virus" has got to him infested. His first laps on an (as yet) electrically powered children’s motorcycle without a support wheel have left their mark. At the age of four, hannes kolb enthusiastically completed his first motorized laps on a yamaha PW 50 after his understanding-demanding kindergarten teacher had mediated the situation. Just six years old, he stood – now a member of the AMC high ablitz sonnefeld and surrounding area – with his 3.5 hp machine on the home ubungsgelanden at the start for the MX cup 2017.

After that, the "family council" decided the decision to change to a (stylish) KTM SX 50. Father harry – himself a mechanic – introduced his son step by step to the construction secrets, technology and functioning of motorized two-wheeled machines in order to demand the necessary feeling for his machine. Finally, his parents harry and silke are his only sponsors so far.

At the same time, this created the preconditions for participation in the MX cup series, which still led to fifth place in the northern bavaria series in 2017. Hannes kolb’s determination to perform caused a sensation among the ADAC’s junior motor sport officials. Inclusion in the talent competition was accompanied by an invitation to the national final in pfluckuff in northern saxony. There he stood at the start with 53 other six- to 18-year-old competitors from all over the federal republic. He took 18th place in school class A (50 cc) at the first attempt.

First honor at the age of eight

Also in 2017, the up-and-coming athlete achieved third place in his age group at the BMV district level. But the eight-year-old was in the spotlight as the youngest junior athlete of the year on the occasion of the municipal honors gala in the sonnefeld domanenhalle, among successful soccer teams, competitive sport shooters and citizens to be honored for honorary commitment.

Whether this was an incentive for the family, which always joins in on the excitement at competitions, to become even better by accepting challenges? In the meantime, hannes kolb has been included in the ADAC squad as part of the talent requirement. In the following motorsport season, which lasted from march/april to late autumn, he started professional training. Whenever school and weather permitted, he made his rounds on the extensive training grounds to gain practical experience.

In 2018, he finished second in the ADAC MX cup northern bavaria competition. This ensured him a place on the podium at the ADAC northern bavaria sports driver award ceremony in bad windsheim. The two-day national final in dreetz (brandenburg) became a "sand battle" that could not be trained in upper franconia. He finished 18th among 56 starters.

He appreciated the support of his squad team-mate paul steinke from ebersdorf near coburg, who was also competing in school class A. Kolb completed a total of six starts for the nordbayern-thuringen-motocross-challenge (NTMC) 2018. In tauperlitz, culitzsch (saxony), teuchern and apolda, no other competitor was more successful, so that at the award ceremony in pobneck, thuringia, he brought the championship title in school class A to marktzeuln.

Most successful in northern bavaria

Today, the ten-year-old schuler is one of the most successful young motorcyclists in the ADAC northern bavaria. The sonnefeld AMC "hohe ablitz" local club helped him to achieve this goal with many possibilities to live out his hobby on two wheels, has long since become his sporting home.

At the annual general meeting of the local club, he was presented with the tim hempfling memorial cup for the second time by chairman ralf pratsch. For the 2019 season, he is planning to switch to school class B and to a bike with a 65 cubic centimeter displacement. Participation in six training weekends in the ADAC squad, nine races for the MX cup and a further eight races for the NTMC competition are already firmly on the schedule. And there’s also the hobby of ice hockey at EHC bayreuth to look after as a second sporting mainstay.

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