Helping is a matter of honor for her

Helping is a matter of honor for her

The fire-brigade weibenbrunn drew both with the association and with the employments and exercises of the active fire-brigade a successful balance at the annual general meeting in the fire-brigade house. The association is proud of its many loyal members, who were honored by chairman christian hofner and mayor egon herrmann.

However, the special focus was on the awards of the state honorary badge in silver and gold by deputy district administrator wolfgang beiergroblein and district fire chief joachim ranzenberger. For 40 years of active service, michael wich was awarded the state honorary badge first class with certificate in recognition and thanks for his services to the fire service.

Thomas moser received the second-class state honorary medal of the state of bavaria for 25 years of service in the fire department.

Wolfgang beiergroblein delivered the greeting of district administrator klaus loffler and thanked on behalf of the district of kronach the two honored, but also the leadership of the fire department weibenbrunn for their honorary commitment for the common good and fire protection. "The voluntary work of the fire department is priceless, and even though it is the duty of the municipality, they are also committed to making purchases for their good equipment", praised beiergroblein.

District fire chief ranzenberger emphasized the commitment around the clock and throughout the year: "how often are firefighters taken away from family celebrations or other leisure activities and from pursuing their hobbies to go on operations?." For the fire department it is a matter of honor to help other people in an emergency situation. The operations were very diverse and no longer limited to the extinguishing of fires.

1 reported on these manifold achievements. Commander thomas friedrich. A total of 49 active members, four of them women, nine youths (two of them female), volunteered 3473 hours of service. That’s well over 500 more hours of service than the previous year had been.

The performance was increased in many ways. 22 missions were called for. In the process, 395 hours were worked (174 in the previous year), with 54 drills and 35 events, 2313 hours were worked (2021 in the previous year), and there was also an increase in youth work from 740 hours in the previous year to 765 in 2018. In addition, two groups mastered the performance badge "water".

Several successfully completed training courses and special training courses show the motivation and the pleasure in the fire department of the active firefighters, emphasized thomas friedrich and gave many examples. He thanked everyone for their willingness to be there for the next one and to keep getting better.

Chairman christian hofner informed that in the fire department weibenbrunn are 180 members, of which 41 are active firefighters and nine youths. He said it was pleasing to see that the youth defense team was also already playing a very active role in the process. Two old clothes collections were again the highlight for the association’s treasury. 9.3 tons of old clothes were collected and the proceeds will be reinvested in technical equipment. Furthermore, the replacement of a sprinter and a tent for rough operations is under discussion. The fire department is very active in cultural life, for example at the weibenbrunn church fair and the christmas market. The organization of the national day of mourning with an honorary formation at the memorial is also part of the annual obligation. However, the chairman hofner regretted a decline in interest here, although this mourning and memorial service deserved a worthy setting, hofner said, and called for reflection.

Mayor egon herrmann proud of the fire department’s achievements. The acquisition of a new fire engine, for which the order has been placed by the municipal council, should also contribute to further motivation. The head of the community thanked the firefighters for their commitment and was pleased that young people in particular are actively involved in the fire department, which is certainly also due to the exemplary dedication of the firefighters.

Julia friedrich was elected as another new treasurer. Thus the fire department weibenbrunn has for the first time with teresa kraus and julia friedrich two women as auditors.

In recognition of their loyalty and services, members were honored: 70 years: georg rather. 60 years: gunter kalb, ernst roth. 50 years: fritz bauer. 40 years: erich bauer, michael wich, gunter ruppert, dieter siegemund. 25 years: dietmar bauer, paul elflein, thomas moser, manuel schmidt frank weidenhammer, matthias zipfel.

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