In hochstadt, bees fly around in competition

In hochstadt, bees fly around in competition

In glorious summer weather, the traditional flight of the bees was in full swing at the beekeepers' association on the galgenberg and the numerous visitors to the blood honey festival got their money's worth. The beekeepers' association had invited to this festival on sunday in the educational apiary.

A very special attraction was the "bee race". The head of the beekeepers association hochstadt, hannes neumeier, began to prevent the entry of three bees each into the apiary. The beehive is always the destination of their flight home from collecting. He put these three bees in a glass tube.

In this tube went a cylinder, which was well padded. With this, these three bees were gently printed against a grille that closes the cylinder on the other side. Thus, the bees could be marked with a colored pen through the grid with fluffy paint; three bees with a white dot, three with a green one and three with a red one.

The marked bees were brought to the starting point, which in this case was about three hundred meters away. The signal for the start was given via cell phone.

At the beehive, visitors waited eagerly for the arrival of the first bee. But their victory presupposes that they settle on the approach board. A preliminary flight has not been validly.

At the beginning of the blood honey festival, for a donation of one euro, favorite tips for the winning color could be handed in. So the tension for the arrivals was particularly exciting. After exactly one minute, a female marked bee had reached the hive. She, however, preferred to sit on the stick away from the flying board. With this she had given away a sure victory. The second bee, which flew in shortly afterwards, was also a female, and immediately settled down on the approach and made the victory of the "females" perfect.

It followed the green and finally the red bees. After the conclusion of the "flight competition the winner was the one who tested positive for "female" 23 votes were cast to determine the winner. The winner was sven hofling with a free flight by glider across the country.

It should be added that the proceeds from the tips given will be increased to 100 euros from the club's coffers and made available to the victims of the floods.

Most people know relatively little about bees and how they are raised. The "flight in costume for example the flight of the bees after collecting nectar to the beehive.

But collecting nectar is only one side of the bee's activity. Above all, the animals make a significant contribution to the fertilization of the bloods in nature.

You could learn from the beekeepers that after the pig and the cow, the bee is the most important farm animal of all. And if the label on a jar of bee honey says "you are eating german honey", then you are eating german honey, then that is also true! Bees only have a radius of about five kilometers. That is, in every village, in every town had to be hives, so that the flat-covering dusting was guaranteed. The bees from erlangen did not come to hochstadt, the hochstadt bees did it all themselves.

The pollination is much more valuable for us than the honey itself. Without bees we had only a steppe landscape. There was no rape, no cherries, no apples, etc. Without pollination by bees, we could not preserve the cultural landscape as it is. Of course, this would also apply to the forests.

100 euros for the flood victims
To a bee colony can belong up to 40 000 bees, and in and around hochstadt there were certainly hundred bee colonies. The importance of the hochstadt beekeepers' association is thus clear. The beekeepers saw their task also in the transfer of knowledge about the bees. The educational apiary is public and not private. Everyone could complete his knowledge about the bees here. Here came many school classes and kindergarten children. Dieter gropp

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