Indian team hacked ruben

Indian team hacked ruben

The hotel industry has a new. May were allowed to open again. So the ayurveda center germany in bad bocklet (kunzmanns hotel) with its branch office in bad kissingen (hotel fontana) now also went into operation. The 21 employees were pretty excited to get back to work, says managing director ebba-karina sander. Because most of them had been on short-time work in the past weeks. Six of the nine-strong indian team of therapists had made the best of the situation, however, and had quickly taken on the job of harvesting crops.

The lockdown of the past weeks had been a hard test for many, as social contacts were largely restricted. For the indian team of therapists, the situation was even more difficult because their families had stayed behind in their home country and they did not yet have a large social environment here in germany, says sander. It was not easy for all of them to leave the house only to go shopping and to walk at a distance from others. So how to kill time?

Spontaneous idea implemented

Most of them were a bit bored and watched bollywood movies on their cell phones out of desperation. Sabu madiykkankal started taking a distance learning course in german on the internet so that he can improve his language skills. Telensmon vattolil sunny had to interrupt his driver's license training because there were no more practice hours due to the contact ban.

When it was reported in the media that there was a shortage of harvest workers all over germany, sander had the idea of asking her therapists if they would help out with farmers in the region. "And they were right there." But it wasn't quite so easy to get the employees to agree, says the manager. Because a few farmers she called said there was nothing to do because of the continuing drought.

Into the field with fiery zeal

In querbachshof near hohenroth, sander finally found what she was looking for during her telephone inquiries. On the farm of christof herbert there was still some work to be done. For two weeks, jancy jojo, rejimol pallathu varghese and her husband prince parayil mani as well as sabu madiykkankal, tonis jose and telensmon vattolil sunny were in great demand in querbachshof. First it was weeding, later it was hoeing reeds.

The four men and two women were eager to get started. Herbert lieb picks them up every morning by car in bad bocklet, because they don't have their own vehicles. "They had a lot of fun and also got a reward", says sander. Telensmon vattolil sunny put the small extra income straight back into his driver's license, she reports.

Fortunately, the therapists didn't have to worry about their families in kerala, india, says sander. The health minister, shailaja, had ensured that there were only 524 covid 19 cases in the state of india, which has 35 million inhabitants, and that only five cases were fatal, said the managing director of her team.

But everyone is now looking forward to things getting back underway at the ayurveda center. In bad bocklet, the managing director has already received eight registrations. In bad kissingen, six guests are on the arrival list. "When it was clear that we were going to be on 30. May, I sent 5000 e-mails a short time later", sander explains the fact that 14 people have already booked ayurveda treatments.

On friday, at the kick-off meeting, the staff had been familiarized with the necessary contact rules and hygiene precautions. "We are glad that we have survived the beginning of the pandemic so well", says the managing director and is confident that everything will work out in the near future. 

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