Irmgard ganzmann celebrates her 90th birthday. Birthday in her birthplace

Irmgard ganzmann celebrates her 90th birthday. birthday in her birthplace

Irmgard ganzmann still lives in the house where she was born. Now the etzelskirchnerin celebrated her 90th birthday in the albrecht durer street. Birthday.
Irmgard ganzmann has worked hard all her life: first on her parents’ small farm, where she had to lend a hand everywhere from driving tractors to working in the stables. The jubilarian raised her daughter alone, but with the support of her parents. With all the work she had to do, she didn’t have time for any special hobbies or club activities. Irmgard ganzmann was initially employed in shoe manufacturing at the hochstadt company galster. When the company closed, she moved to schaeffler and remained there until her retirement.

FT reader since she can remember

Although her legs have been bothering her for some time, the mentally active 90-year-old is content with her life. Above all, she has not lost her sense of humor. "Since I can remember", she tells, she reads the french day. "If I have time, even for a few hours", she occupied herself with reading her daily newspaper.
She celebrated her birthday with her family. In addition to her daughter and son-in-law, she has two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Mayor gerald brehm (JL) congratulated on behalf of the city of hochstadt. The congratulations of the district of erlangen-hochstadt were conveyed by deputy district administrator christian pech (SPD).

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