Kerstin westphal again spd european candidate

Kerstin westphal again spd european candidate

No fewer than three european delegates attended the delegates’ conference of the lower franconia SPD at the naturefriends’ house in schweinfurt. The 100 or so delegates nominated their current MEP, kerstin westphal from schweinfurt, as a candidate for the 2019 european elections with 94 percent of the votes, and she beat wilfried oelmann from aschaffenburg by a clear margin and as expected.
Udo bullmann, one of germany’s leading social democrats, was the guest of the genossinnen und genossen. He leads the social democratic group in the european parliament and is a man of clear words there. This quickly became clear in schweinfurt, too, and he immediately hit a nerve with it. Also present was constanze krehl, eu parliamentarian from saxony, who had visited france to see various eu-demanded projects and made a stop in schweinfurt.
"We have been the european party for over 150 years, we don’t have to hide from anyone, but loudly represent our values of democracy and freedom", bullmann shouted at the delegates, and called for more self-confidence. "We have always fought against nationalists and right-wingers and against the power of big corporations", bullmann was pugnacious.
In her speech to the delegates, kerstin westphal underlined the many advantages of the european union. "It touches us mostly unconsciously, but nevertheless every single day: when shopping in the supermarket or on the internet, no more roaming when making phone calls, free travel when on vacation in europe, safety for imported goods, protection of our consumer rights – everywhere the EU has brought improvements to people", westphal emphasized. The schweinfurt native made a plea for a more social europe that cares about people, fights youth unemployment and leaves no one behind, for equal opportunities and solidarity, equal pay for equal work in the same place.
The bavarian SPD has made the upcoming state elections in october a vote on the future of europe. That’s why all the speakers were tough on the bavarian CSU. "We are ashamed of what is being carried out on the backs of the refugees. This is not our idea of europe", bullmann said.


Helga raab-wasse, candidate for the district parliament of miltenberg, from erlenbach, germany, stood up to the delegates as a so-called "piggyback candidate" european deputies against anna strvtecky, baris yuksel and lara albert by.
As delegate to the federal european conference on 9. December, when the europalist will be adopted, besides kerstin westphal, the deputy chairwoman of the bavarian SPD, marietta eder, and rene van eckert, the state parliament candidate for habberge-rhon/grabfeld, got the trust of the delegates.

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