Landjugend fechheim love “the sow out”

Landjugend fechheim love 'the sow out'

The four festive days of the landjugend fechheim ("we let the sow out!!! 70 years LJ fechheim") in the 2000-man festival tent in grobgarnstadt came to an end on sunday afternoon. The hosts had invited numerous rural youth groups and associations to the celebration and the traditional costume parade.

The traditional costume parade started at the wiesengrund, marched through the streets of grobgarnstadt and past the old school, partly accompanied by powerful brass music and cheerful cheers, and finally arrived back at the festival tent. Over 30 rural youth groups, fire departments and sports clubs took part in the happy and noisy spectacle.

Rough and small fest guests

The parade streets in grobgarnstadt were lined with large and small festive guests, who happily waved to the groups and shouted encouraging or joking remarks at them. While on one side of the tent the younger children enjoyed the slide and the sandbox in the bright sunshine, on the opposite side of the field there were still the rough tractors and field machines from the tractor-pulling (saturday). All groups entered the marquee with their flags and placed them in the rough flag stand next to the stage.

The "stadelhofener musikanten" played here strong to. Mainly young fest guests stood on the beer benches, rocked along and applauded vigorously. Gwendolin renner and victor rauch moderated the guests through the festival program. The partygoers enjoyed the culinary delicacies in the marquee.

Positive balance drawn

Max backert, second chairman of the landjugend fechheim, and celine ohrl, press spokeswoman of the LJ fechheim, drew a positive balance of the four festive days. When asked how the festive season was, they replied: "very much so! We grew together as a group and realized what we can achieve together." They would do it again anytime "because you see the joy you spread". Then they became nothing else: "the festival was for us. In itself it went well." And when asked about the cooperation of the rural youth, ohrl and backert emphasized: "it was great! On the first day there were 50 people to set up the tent. On the second day there were a little less, but it was enough. The tables and the fire departments supported us and offered to continue to help us."

The reporter of the coburger tageblatt wanted to know what makes the landjugend fechheim so special. The answer was: "there are very many small things. We are in the coburg district association, and the others are all very happy to come to us. The community is good!", underlined backert. "What makes the landjugend so special cannot be described – it has to be experienced!", emphasized celine ohrl.

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