Little snow makes organizers anxious

Little snow makes organizers anxious

Finally winter in the rhon, with crisp temperatures below zero. And it is supposed to stay cold. Nevertheless, the WSV oberweibenbrunn had to cancel its sunday, 20. January, cancel planned nordic day. Already the second sporting event of this year. Nevertheless, the WSVO and the RWV haselbach still have some plans for this season. But many things are on the verge of collapse.

According to WSV chairman ewald simon, the nordic day is used by experienced instructors to present disciplines such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. More than 100 visitors showed interest last season.

But this year the conditions are not right. "The meadow in oberweibenbrunn is green", says simon. "Three to four centimeters of new snow are not enough." Already once the responsible persons of the oberweibenbrunn winter sports club had to cancel an event in the still young year. On 9. January was scheduled for the night ski sprint. But there was not enough snow. A difficult situation for the club: how can they get people interested in winter sports if they can’t organize any events??

Now ewald simon is betting that the children’s ski course planned for next weekend will take place. The first day will be on friday afternoon with the advanced skiers at the double lift at the arnsberg. For the beginners who start on saturday, the 56-year-old has found a compromise. At the sautalle, 100 to 150 meters from the double lift, exists a flat with natural snow. There the small uben.

Simon acts according to the motto: "better to go through with it now, if the weather is right, than to speculate on later." Therefore he agreed with the responsible persons of the bicycle and winter sports club haselbach on a further compromise.

Both clubs organize nordic and alpine championships together. The event was originally scheduled for the 10th of january. February. Now the downhill runs on the 3. February brought forward. "But for this at least 20 centimeters of snow must be added."

And if it doesn’t snow despite the cold and the alpine races have to be cancelled? Then simon wants to start the cross country discipline from the 10. On the 3. February. The conditions were sufficient at the kreuzberg. "From 750 meters high there are 15 to 20 centimeters of old snow. Cross-country skiing goes in any case."

Theoretically, the club championship had already started on 27 february. January can take place. But according to simon, the forces of the oberweibenbrunner are bound by the children’s ski course. And at the RWV haselbach many members will take part in the german firefighting championship in the alps this weekend. There are also downhill competitions.

The haselbachers are planning another event: the night torch relay on 20 june. February. It too is on the brink of collapse. Club chairman michael beer has taken a look at the cross-country ski trail below the kreuzberg mountain. "There it looks still dark with the snow. You can still clearly see the green-brown patches." He is hopeful that this will change soon. Speaking of hope: ewald simon also has hope for the cancelled nordic day and the night ski sprint. Possibly both will be made up. "If the winter is long enough", says simon and means a prolonged cold weather phase with lots of snow. The lead time for an event like the nordic day is one week. At least ten to 15 centimeters of compact snow would have to be there.

The haselbach cycling and winter sports club still runs a ski jumping department. The ten children under their trainer maximilian lange are very brave – only now in winter not to be found at competitions on the local ski jumps. They jump, for example, in brotterode in thuringia or klingenthal in saxony.

This is due to the high organizational effort and the lack of snow safety at the kreuzberg jumps, reports michael beer. For the 50-meter hill there is a lack of snow, which remains for a long time. The two smaller 16- and 30-meter jumps had snow nets, but the snow had to be kept out of the way. They are stretched over the mats, which allow ski jumping in the summer. But the snow in the nets had to be trampled down by many helpers. The club prefers to save itself.

Of course the club could buy a snow cannon, says beer. But the costs for electricity and water were enormous. RWV does not want to afford that. And so the ski jumps have been jumped for years only in summer. A development due to the spreading climate change. It will not be the last.

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