Local road in buch to be upgraded

Local road in buch to be upgraded

In buch, the entrance to the town coming from the direction of lichtenstein is to be expanded. At the same time, the municipality of untermerzbach wants to have empty pipes laid for the fiber optic expansion, as was discussed at the meeting of the municipal council on monday. In addition, a small walkway area is to be created.

As mayor helmut dietz (SPD) said, the circle road has 46 will be extended in 2021, coming from the direction of lichtenstein, in buch. "With a view to broadband expansion, we have had a master plan drawn up for our entire municipal area", described dietz. Here is the inner local part of buch included. The five to six residential buildings in buch are to be connected with empty pipes, but also in the context of the further expansion of the village thoroughfare, which is planned in the 2024 expansion plan. The municipal council decided to commission the corresponding planning. For this 4350 euro are necessary.

For the equipment of the new emergency vehicle (TSF-W) for the fire department memmelsdorf a meeting with the manufacturer magirus took place. The mayor attended the meeting together with firefighters from memmelsdorf. Here it came up that the 30 year old generator is worn out and it makes no sense to include it in the new vehicle. "We have therefore asked the administration for quotations for a new power unit", said the mayor. He recommended the council to order such a device from the company magirus at a price of 4360 euros. The committee followed the proposal.

Dietz further said that by the end of october 2020, it must be determined which pump is to be installed in the memmelsdorf fire truck. He has therefore asked the government of lower franconia to issue an early procurement notice for a PFPN 10-100 pump. This has been received in the meantime. Three requests for proposals are underway; however, no results have been received yet. The committee authorized the head of the municipality to award the contract to the most economical bidder after receiving the bids.

Other topics

Office furniture is to be ordered for the manager’s room and for the anteroom in the town hall. The council agreed to award the contract worth 14,000 euros to a company from the habberge district.

The discussion focused on the development plan and land use plan for the "rosler" industrial area in memmelsdorf. On this point, civil engineer jan-michael derra from the stubenrauch engineering office in konigsberg explained the comments received from the public interest groups. The municipal council took note of this and, after considering all points, decided to continue with the project-related development and land use plan. Specifically, it is about plans of the company. Hw

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