Mayoral election: the csu sends a woman into the race

mayoral election: the csu sends a woman into the race

The CSU is the first party to announce who it wants to run for mayor in the 2020 elections. For the first time, there is a candidate: 53-year-old entrepreneur sabine hanisch. She was the first woman to hold the highest political office in the city of herzogenaurach.

Sabine hanisch has lived in herzogenaurach since 2009 and has been a member of the CSU executive committee in the city and district for a number of years. She is also active in the women’s union. The bremen native is married and has two grown-up sons aged 21 and 24. Hanisch is a self-employed debt collector and has her office in steinweg, right in the city center.

The city center is also one of her topics, as sabine hanisch explained during the press conference at the ice cream parlor on the market square. In addition, the infrastructure of the city and the economy are close to her heart. The members of the parliamentary group and the executive board, together with their candidate, did not want to be very specific yet. They are now in the midst of preparing the issues for the municipal election. And there is a lot of that, it will be a very exciting time with many challenges, said faction chairman bernhard schwab.

Sabine hanisch has been living in the "beautiful city of herzogenaurach" for ten years now, more precisely in the district of hammerbach. She explains her motivation for running for the office of mayor. She is dissatisfied with the red-green policy in the city hall and the sole rule of the SPD mayor german hacker.

"I would like to change a lot of things", she says "and redesign in herzogenaurach." They wanted to do this together with the major companies of herzogenaurach and generally improve communication. City needed to get back to being a service provider, not just an administrator, candidate explains. She is looking forward to it: "i am really committed."

And then she mentions a few personal highlights. Above all, it wanted to set accents in the city center. There is less going on every year, that has to be changed. Sabine hanisch is a downtown businesswoman and has been a member of the forder- und werbegemeinschaft since she lived in herzogenaurach. She also wants to improve traffic routes. For example, she would like to see a system of bicycle paths not only for the new construction areas. "The old parts of the village need to be better connected."

Of course, there is a wide range of topics and interests in herzogenaurach," she said. The election program is currently being drawn up in working groups. On thursday, 6. June (8 p.M.), the official nomination will take place at the guesthouse schuh in dondorflein and already on friday, 3. June, the candidate introduces herself to the members of the CSU at 6 p.M. In the herzo bar.

More citizen participation

Another important cornerstone of the work of the coming months has already been set: "we want to write the citizen participation very roughly", said deputy faction leader walter drebinger. There are rough projects on which the citizens should have a say. Politicians need to listen, says city councilor konrad korner. By the way, he saw it as a good omen that sabine hanisch comes from bremen. Because there, too, the union wants to take over the red city hall with an independent, said korner (in bremen, the CDU is counting on internet entrepreneur carsten meyer-heder, the red.)

In an interview with the press, parliamentary group chairman bernhard schwab was pleased about sabine hanisch’s candidacy. She is very open and interested in all topics of city politics, he said. The parliamentary group will support her and accompany her in all her political endeavors, said schwab.

And what does the CSU expect in the mayoral election?? "We believe that we really have a chance to take back the mayor", the head of the parliamentary group stated. Their goal is clearly the city hall, said sabine hanisch. That could also mean a stichwahl: "we were satisfied when it comes to stages", described schwab.

The CSU had conquered the city hall in 1970 and did not relinquish it again until 2008. At that time, hans ort and hans lang were each the first mayor of the city of herzogenaurach. In 2008, vertical starter german hacker (SPD) won the election against walter nussel (CSU). The incumbent was again ahead in 2014, and by a clear margin. At the time, the CSU had brought in matthias duthorn. In the meantime, he is a candidate for mayor of the CSU in neighboring weisendorf in 2020.

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