Michael singer runs for mayor in pretzfeld

Michael singer runs for mayor in pretzfeld

The pretzfeld SPD and ecologists are unanimously behind him: 46-year-old michael singer will be their candidate for mayor in the 2020 municipal election. "This is a piece of home here. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in poxdorf when I was a child, and I know and love the region", says michael singer. Three years ago, he moved to pretzfeld with his wife and two children. He tells of his grandfather’s tree nursery, and that he enjoyed helping there as a child. "I just didn’t like chopping potatoes. Now I have my own fruit trees and a little forest here in pretzfeld, he reports. The mayoral candidate is a managing director of an IT company and works a lot from home. "We live right next door to the town hall and I get to see a lot of things there, says singer. He says he faces new challenges in his job every day: "I have to be able to approach customers, I have personnel responsibility and I have to deliver good results. I was able to use this experience as mayor as well." In his job, economic thinking is also important, and that money has to be earned before you can spend it.

On the parents’ council

Immediately after moving in, he became involved in the kindergarten’s parents’ council. He is a member of the beekeepers’ association, the french-swiss association, and the federation for nature conservation. "We enjoy it in the summer when we sit in the garden and the singing club rehearses in the clubhouse.", reveals michael singer, who likes to approach his neighbors and tries to be open to the issues of the market community. "I plan to grow old here and would like to take the opportunity to help shape my own environment, to help make sure that the people here enjoy living here", he confesses.

Traffic connections

Singer knows the different lifestyles of the people of pretzfeld: for example, commuters need good transport connections. Seniors or people who work at home need good local services. "There are already concepts. I’ve been to all the isek events and citizen workshops, and I’ve become really familiar with the community’s issues," he says, says michael singer. Many ideas still need to be further elaborated. He also hopes for input from the local communities, because for him, as a newcomer, there is only the entire market community.

The mayoral candidate explains why he is running for the SPD and ecologist list: "since we have been living here and worrying about our fruit trees and bees and suffering with them when the rain fails to fall and the second summer in a row is far too hot and too dry, we have experienced even more clearly and at first hand how important environmental protection is." And he likes the most important principle of the list: objective cooperation in the market town council instead of confrontation. He was pleased when he was approached by mayor rose. He also wants to revive the walks she initiated and walk through the rough community with market councilors and burghers and be open to people’s concerns.

The list

The list of the SPD/occ: 1. Michael singer, 2. Hans-jurgen muller, 3. Adnan kachi-grembler, 4. Johanna sickmann, 5. Franziska wild, 6. Siegfried vogel, 7. Gunter kursawe, 8. Ulrike haag, 9. Ludwig kestler, 10. Mathias lindner, 11. Simone kellner-richter, 12. Erhard seiller, 13. Hannelore sickmann, 14. Karl-heinz muller, 15. Gudrun richter-vogel, 16. Jurgen herbst, 17. Carola leisgang, 18. Patrick guttler, 19. Rainer klaubner, 20. Klaus scheiderer, 21. Monika cipura, 22. Veronika neundorfer, 23. Doris guttler, 24. Manfred rusche, 25. Tanja gotz, 26. Sandra standar, 27. Markus wenzig, 28. Peter kunze, 29. Andreas stark, 30. Norbert geiger, 31. Joachim strong.

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