More expensive than marble and sandstone

More expensive than marble and sandstone

It must have been a significant day for the small village of kirchschonbach when on 14. July 1912, 100 years ago, the mighty monument was unveiled and inaugurated right at the village’s entrance. "There was nothing like it in the nearer and wider surroundings", writes the chronicle of the village about the stone, which was erected as a war memorial already before the two world wars.

The monument, almost five meters high, which the warriors’ association inaugurated with a high mass, honorary virgins, marching music and festivities, was specially made of so-called portland cement in wetzlar. Only these days the kirchschonbacher hans-jacob gehring stumbled in the internet on a postcard from the feast day 1912, which he bought at an auction. The association would like to thank the company portland for the production and delivery of the exclusive material. "An artificial stone made of portland cement was something special back then, more expensive than marble and sandstone," reports gehring.

The special company made the monument with the sand that was a waste product of iron production. Such an expensive stone was afforded at that time by the small village, which at that time was "a prosperous place. There were 23 to 25 craftsmen’s workshops, two inns, a church that was actually much too large for the village, the school, the raiffeisen company, and the castle. At that time there was a real atmosphere of departure", female gehring.

He is chairman of the "cunst und cultur vereins schonbach e.V.", which deals, among other things, with the story of. Gehring is fascinated by the small and coarse stories of his hometown, in which he repeatedly stumbles upon unusual details. According to gehring, the monument was intended to be the keystone "to show that we are a rough village, we are something."

In addition, according to gehring, it was highly unusual at that time to erect a war memorial outside the church and in such dimensions. At the then central place, where the road to geesdorf and in the direction of prichsenstadt forked, the monument was erected and still has its place there today. Later it was supplemented with plaques on which the people of kirchschonbach who died at the front in the world wars are engraved. The inscription chosen for the stone was: "god was with us, to him be the glory". In faithfulness firmly! St. Sebastian! Patron saint of warriors, pray for us."

To celebrate the 100th anniversary, the people of kirchschonbach plan to celebrate on sunday, 14. July to hold a celebration hour. The event is scheduled to begin at 5 p.M., with a prayer service in the church as the prelude. The brass band of the parish will provide the musical accompaniment, the organist will be egon angler. The church part is followed by a cosy get-together in the inn in kirchschonbach. In addition, the menu will offer typical dishes of the time around 1912. Part of the lot will be used for an exhibition that will be held in september.

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