Pictures with a mission

pictures with a mission

To visualize the wonders of nature, you don’t need to go far out into the world. Much is happening close to home. Macro photography reveals just how big the world is on a small scale. Marco pusch walks through the landscape with a special look in his eyes. The photo yield of the untererthaler makes astonishment over the wealth of nature. He finds dazzling motifs along the saale and thulba valleys, in the rhon, or sometimes in the alps.
The quick snapshot is not what this hobby is all about. "Searching and finding comes first", he describes the motivation for his hobby. The 45-year-old spends hours on the road.
For the past six years, the 45-year-old has been particularly fascinated by the rare orchids. 20 of over 40 species common in rhon and vorrhon were already in its collection before the dry summer of 2017 slowed it down. There was too little bleeding. That’s why he extended his passion rather accidentally to hard-to-ban photomodels: butterflies. Because they float unsteadily through the landscape, they are hard to catch.
The first year with the butterflies went extremely well. Even the small kingfisher, sail butterfly and swallowtail fluttered him already before the lens. "Patience is everything", he lets know. Sometimes he runs ten times the same place to get a motive.
In order to make the photo stalking a family affair, marco pusch likes to combine it with a walk for the dog or dives into the vineyards during the lunch break.

There are thousands of motifs

The search for the right match can be a real pain in the neck. For example, when the butterflies cavort in inaccessible treetops as part of their mating behavior. Knowledge of habitats and food plants of small animals is helpful. "I am evolving", smiles pusch.
In the relevant forums he enjoys instant recognition. Many praise the local area with its rich occurrence of species in addition to the pictures from afar.
And the photographer’s perspective is also inspiring. "Everyone has their own style", he says. Pusch likes not only the view of the butterflies, but also the view of the underside of the wings when they are ready to take off. In addition to the play with colors and shapes, there is also the influence of light. There are thousands of motives.
Just like the diversity of the butterflies. There is one mistake that pusch no longer makes: "I delete pictures too early because I think I already have them. The diversity of the blue-ringed species in particular is inexhaustible. He is always discovering new things.
Pusch came to photography through his first equipment in his youth. Perhaps he was born with a passion for this work. His father, wolfgang pusch, was active in the fotofreunde hammelburg and occasionally accompanies the photo tours.

The richness of nature

Pusch also occasionally takes photos of club life. So he has made recently of the carnival procession in untererthal over 600 driving pictures. However, in the meantime, it is stepping in this direction more briefly, because the work of sifting afterwards is gladly underestimated. "Six to eight hours are quickly gone there", he says in view of the flood of images. He sees landscape photography covered quite well by others.
Pusch associates his occupation in nature with a mission. "You can only appreciate what you know", he wants to open others’ eyes to the richness of nature. Hedges and shrubs are often treated too insensitively. But he also appreciates the response to his small masterpieces. That’s why he’s happy about visits to his facebook page and enjoys talking shop in various forums. Happy to answer questions.
The locations are coveted. When marco pusch posts a picture of a rare orchid, for example, he quickly receives 100 inquiries about the plant’s location. But they have to be protected. For that pusch let his pictures speak. Wolfgang dunnebier

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