Regiomed becomes operator of rehabilitation clinic in masserberg

Regiomed becomes operator of rehabilitation clinic in masserberg

A solution for the insolvent masserberg rehabilitation clinic is in sight: regiomed-kliniken gmbh, an association of municipal hospitals in thuringia and bavaria, is available as the future operator. This was decided on wednesday by the shareholders’ meeting of the company. The district and city councils of the regiomed shareholders still have to decide on this participation.

A joint press release from the thuringian ministry of finance and the thuringian ministry of the interior states: "a prerequisite for regiomed’s entry is the takeover and renovation of the rehabilitation clinic and the attached bathhouse by the municipality of masserberg. The municipal council of masserberg will discuss this on thursday, 19. April, decide. The ministry of the interior has created the legal preconditions for this model. The ministry of economics had already promised a demand for the baths’ renovation last year."

"All those involved pulled together and ultimately made a good solution possible", thuringia’s minister of the interior georg maier is quoted in the press release. He is confident that the community will now also see the light for the takeover and lease to regiomed could give. The state administrative office in weimar is also involved as a municipal supervisor.

Thuringia’s economics minister wolfgang tiefensee declared: "the entry of an economically successful and regionally anchored hospital group can sustainably strengthen the hospital and tourism location of masserberg and secure jobs." He again emphasized the support for reconstruction and modernization as well as the close connection of the bathhouse to the rehabilitation clinic. The state is expecting total costs of up to ten million euros, for which a claim will be made from funds of the community task "improvement of the regional economic structure" (GRW) is possible.

The rehabilitation clinic in masserberg, which currently has around 230 beds, has been working with regiomed for many years. It is a facility that specializes in oncology, orthopedics and ophthalmology. In 2012, the then operator RKT gmbh filed for insolvency; the current operation is under insolvency administration.

After initial discussions on the preservation of the clinic from 2017, the shareholders’ meeting of regiomed-kliniken gmbh decided on wednesday to become active as the operator of the rehabilitation clinic in the future. The municipality of masserberg is currently still a shareholder in the clinic. The municipality will acquire the land from the insolvency estate, renovate the building, reopen the neighboring bathhouse and lease the rehabilitation clinic building to the new operator. The clinic renovation is estimated at around 5.5 million euros and – like the modernization of the thermal spa – is to be completed by the end of 2021. The new operator will be a 100 percent subsidiary of regiomed – regiomed-rehaklinik masserberg ggmbh – which has yet to be founded.

"In view of the ever-changing conditions in the medical field, the regiomed association sees rehabilitation as an important component in the medical care of the population", explained joachim bovelet, chief executive officer of regiomed-kliniken gmbh. While the average length of stay in hospital was 13.3 days in 1992, it was only 7.3 days in 2016. The support of healing processes had therefore increasingly shifted to the rehabilitation phase, but was nevertheless of great importance for patients.

"With this decision, our municipal healthcare association regiomed once again assumes responsibility for ensuring medical and nursing care close to home for the population between obermain and rennsteig", emphasized thomas muller, chairman of the shareholders’ meeting at regiomed and district administrator of hildburghausen.

Mayor dennis wagner also saw his efforts confirmed and took this opportunity to thank all those involved who made the decision possible in the first place. After the first contact between him and the chief executive of regiomed in spring 2016, countless telephone calls and discussions followed, especially with the ministries of economics, interior and finance, the thuringian state administrative office, regiomed, lawyers and accountants, as well as political office holders. "This difficult path is now coming to a successful conclusion after more than two years", said wagner. "This decision, which is of vital importance to the community of masserberg and the entire region, was more than once on a knife’s edge." It is all the more pleasing that the future can now be looked forward to with hope, especially since the landesentwicklungsgesellschaft thuringen (LEG), a highly competent partner, has been put at the side of the community to support it in the implementation phase that now lies ahead.

Background regiomed

Regiomedkliniken gmbh is the first municipal hospital association across the federal state of germany. It currently consists of five acute-care hospitals at six locations in upper franconia and southern thuringia, eleven medical care centers at 15 locations, the ground-based rescue service in the district of sonneberg, seven senior citizens’ centers, two residential homes and a service company under public law. Regiomed also demands regional education and training in medicine and nursing through the medical school regiomed as well as the regiomed academy.

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