Rough fires in the usa rage on – hundreds of houses destroyed

Rough fires in the usa rage on - hundreds of houses destroyed

The flames have destroyed increasingly large areas in the past few days, and at last drove 36,000 people to flee. A good 300 houses burned to ashes. U.S. President barack obama to fly to disaster area on friday to assess situation.

Storm gusts peaking at 145 kilometers per hour had further fanned the forest fire in waldo canyon. In total, more than 730 square kilometers of land have burned in the disaster areas. The cause of the devastating fire remained unclear, even arson was no longer explicitly ruled out.

"This makes me angry and makes my blood boil," said colorado governor john hickenlooper. "It evokes a physical reaction in me to think that there is someone out there who does something like this just to get a kick and some kind of joy out of it."

A glimmer of hope for the people in colorado springs is the weather: decreasing winds made the firefighters’ fight against the flames a little easier. Slightly cooler temperatures should also provide reassurance over the next few days, the U.S. National weather service predicted.

Because of the gross burn, 30 communities in colorado have already called a halt to the U.S. Independence day on 4. July popular fireworks canceled.

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