Staves for the human heart

Staves for the human heart

The agreement signed on 8. Born in portugal in 1495, juan ciudad is considered the father of the order of the brothers of mercy. Only in later years he was given the name of john of god, especially by the people of the spanish city of granada, where he spent many years of his life.
At first, the young man led a rather unsteady life. He was a shepherd, a soldier and even earned his living as a bookseller. It wasn’t until he was 40 that juan ciudad changed his life from the ground up and devoted himself exclusively to caring for sick fellow citizens. He founded hospitals in granada and took special care of the mentally ill.
He very soon brought to his side mannerists whom he could fully convince of his charitable work. And so the hospital order of the merciful brothers came into being. John of god died on 8. March 1550 in his hometown; he was canonized in 1690.
Today, the brothers of mercy are active in 53 countries worldwide and maintain more than 450 facilities. Around 9000 secular employees support the few friars in the bavarian province. They work together in 23 very different apostolic works, including facilities for people with disabilities, hospitals, children’s homes, hospices, convalescent homes and also in helping the homeless.
Only a few days after his official day of remembrance (8. March), the merciful brothers of gremsdorf celebrated their saint of the order. The munich order priest johannes von avila neuner was buried in the facility of the merciful brothers gremsdorf by the gremsdorf house chaplain peter jankowetz as a faithful friend who has been celebrating services with the house community regularly for many years.
And father johannes in his proclamation pointed out that god puts a mabband on us human beings, so he measures us. But not according to the grossness and size of the body "god puts his very own system of measurement on our hearts", according to the friar.

The principle of charity

And there father johannes also saw a connection to saint johannes of god. Both mabstabe were guided by the coarseness and breadth of the human heart – not in the medical sense, however, but rather by the principles of mercy and charity. And father johannes finally established another link, namely the one to the gospel of the day according to lucas, which was about the good samaritan. Its credo is: "love your neighbor as yourself"."
Other human virtues were finally put forward in the petitions for the fours: insight, patience, justice and trust.
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