Ten percent for the building site

Ten percent for the building site

Builders with a severely disabled person in the family will in future be able to obtain a favorable building site in the buddental and hammerstielweg building areas in kitzingen. The city grants ten percent discount (per square meter without displacement) on the purchase of a municipal building site.

A narrow majority of the kitzingen city council voted 15 to 14 in favor of a corresponding motion by the SPD faction. This means that severely disabled people receive the same discount on the purchase of owner-occupied housing as families, who have been saving ten percent of the purchase price since 2007 if there are children. The prerequisite is that one of the family members (grandparents, parents or children) must be at least 50 percent severely disabled at the time the property is purchased. A double discount (children and severely disabled) is not possible, however.

Enabling home environment

The SPD faction had justified its motion with the fact that severely disabled people are more dependent on their home environment than others. The city should therefore support them in the purchase of a city-owned lot. Because of the handicap, in most cases for severely handicapped people there are much higher construction costs for a new building, for example to make it barrier-free.

The new regulation was not uncontroversial in the city council, especially since this group of people is required by various bodies and such support cannot be the task of a municipality, it was argued. Nevertheless, in the end there was a majority, albeit a narrow one.

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