The bike has no crumple zone

The bike has no crumple zone

Interior minister joachim herrmann is a passionate motorcycle fan. When he's on the bike, take it easy. "Cruising through french-speaking switzerland in comfort ("now for the cherry blossom a dream"), that's his thing. So he kept it also with the 18. The first edition of the kulmbach motorcycle star ride, where he is a regular guest. From erlangen he set off with police escort to the biker mecca of kulmbach.
Safety is the central theme of the star journey under the motto "arrive instead of perish". The bavarian ministry of the interior, the upper franconian police, the bavarian driving instructors association and the kulmbacher brewery have joined forces to help ensure that the 2018 season is as accident-free as possible. Supported by the city and county of kulmbach and the radio station antenne bayern.

Paying attention to safety does not limit the fun of riding a motorcycle, says minister herrmann at the press conference to kick off the sunday program. On the contrary: "we all want to arrive safe and sound". Those who speed risk their own lives and the lives of others."
The minister wants motorcyclists to be more sensible, but at the same time appeals to car drivers to be considerate of two-wheelers, which have no crumple zone.

Built security

Herrmann also focuses on "built security".Last year, several kilometers of dangerous road sections on popular motorcycle routes were once again equipped with underride guards. This can be life-saving because it prevents bikers from slipping under the guardrail in the event of a crash and thus being seriously injured. In addition, the "safe tramway" program on the defusing of accident-prone areas, for example through the improvement of curved routes. In 2017, every fifth road user killed in bavaria was a motorcyclist. A total of 123 bikers lost their lives, minister herrmann said. "Even though there are fewer of them than in previous years, we are not satisfied with that."

Minister sets a good example

Herrmann appeals to bikers to stick to speed limits, not to take any unnecessary risks, and to prepare for the season with a warm-up. The minister himself sets a good example? In fact, joachim herrmann also did some arm training on saturday for the trip to kulmbach. "When you haven't ridden for a few months, you no longer have the optimal feel for how the machine reacts. But mastering your bike is a prerequisite for riding safely." And, of course, the technical inspections: brakes and lights, tires and chassis must function perfectly. The right clothing, after all, ensures that you are firstly well seen and secondly better protected in the event of a fall.
Herrmann appeals to all other road users to pay special attention to motorcyclists. The most serious accidents happen when turning or overtaking.
To help bikers get off to an accident-free start to the 2018 season, the state association of riding instructors offered free warm-up training sessions at the kulmbach outdoor pool parking lot to kick off the sternfahrt on saturday morning.
The minister of the interior used the occasion of the motorcycle star ride to present the new uniformed motorcycle clothing. The new shade of blue called "traffic blue corresponds to the color scheme of the likewise new police motorcycles. Modern protectors increase the protection for the police officers, wide yellow luminous stripes ensure that they are easily recognizable from afar.
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