The budget grows by 300000 euros

The budget grows by 300000 euros

The municipality has already on 21. March adopted its budget with the total amount of 8.1 million euros for the year 2016. But at the meeting of the board on monday had to be added another 300000 euros. This became necessary, because in the course of the reorganization of the federal highway B 279 a necessary approach road with turning lane must be built and the costs for this the municipality as erschliebungstrager has to carry. This had not been taken into account in the budget.

As mayor wolfram thein explained, the turning lane is planned at the northern exit of the town in the direction of ermershausen, where the future commercial area is to be built. "Our budget department assumes that we will be able to handle it", said the mayor. He explained in principle again the administrative and property budget, including the additional 300,000 euros required. The market town council approved this increase.

The footpath and cycle path along the B 279 between maroldsweisach and ermershausen is maintained by the municipality, also with regard to the obligation to ensure traffic safety. Managing director michael rahn explained that the operational maintenance and control, maintenance and cleaning, should be carried out by the municipality. The costs for this were taken over by the state building authority against proof. Second mayor harald deringer made the motion that the agenda item be postponed. In view of the not inconsiderable costs incurred by the municipality for the planned turning lane, a discussion should first be held with the tramway authorities. This was decided.

Street in private ownership

In "bedrangnis" mayor wolfram thein and his administration, which was represented by chief executive michael rahn and the head of the building administration, andre gruner, got into an argument. From there, it was proposed that the road "zur schmiede" in marbach, or. A part of the same, to disown.

This was mainly contradicted by gunter freb (). He criticized: "when the road was dedicated by the municipality years ago, the council played with the wrong cards." It had probably been "overlooked" at the time, that the strabe was privately owned. Residents had argued among themselves because they felt obstructed by the others. The dedication was made to allow everyone to use the building. The consequence of a de-allocation was that it would be difficult for the neighbor behind to reach his property via a detour. Therefore freb spoke out against it and was supported here by werner thein (SPD), nikolaus schober () and the local speaker of marbach, werner rogner.

"This is not the way to do it"

Freb complained that they had already been to a notary about this matter. "This is not the way to do it, first it must be discussed in the council, we can not be presented with a fait accompli", he showed himself emport. Arguments for the deaccessioning, presented by michael rahn and andre gruner or also by the mayor, he does not accept. Local councillor stefan bohm (JCU) took the sting out of the discussion by proposing to get an idea of the situation on site before making any further decisions. So it was decided.

The preliminary building application for the construction of a new single-family home in hafenpreppach was discussed in detail. According to the words of andre gruner, the builder wanted to build a property outside the development boundary. The problem here is. A. The development. Costs have not yet been calculated for this project. "We first want to see what the municipal council has to say about it", so gruner. Local councillor werner thein noted that there were still developed plots of land in hafenpreppach after all. Gruner commented: "the flat for the planned residential building belongs to the applicant." Second mayor harald deringer proposed to give consent if the applicant pays for the development costs. "What the building authority at the district office says about it, is so and so to wait", according to deringer. His suggestion was followed.

Still in the waiting loop

Mayor wolfram thein was pleased with the positive decision in the municipal investment program. For the barrier-free extension of the town hall one could expect a subsidy of 90 percent. He named 116 700 euro as the investment sum. Thein, on the other hand, estimated that there was little chance that the multipurpose building in hafenpreppach would receive a grant under the investment program. "But we are here still in the waiting loop."

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