Tokyo dream of volleyball players destroyed

Tokyo dream of volleyball players destroyed

Georg grozer and the german volleyball players stood stunned on the field: the dream of olympia in tokyo was shattered in a tragic final of the qualifying tournament. The DVV team lost its last chance for the longed-for ticket in berlin.

The team of national coach andrea giani lost 0:3 (20:25, 20:25, 23:25) against france. Even grozer could not prevent the defeat, which was painful in every respect. Grozer, who had injured his right knee shortly after the start of the game, limped and fought with all his might to avoid the end of his career with the national team.

The attacker wanted to score after the K.O. Say nothing and disappeared dejectedly with his daughters in the catacombs. "We kind of tried, but we made too many mistakes," summed up captain lukas kampa, looking at grozer: "thanks for sinking so many balls. It has been an honor and a pleasure to accompany him for so long."

The 35-year-old figurehead of german volleyball was the best attacker of the home team in her farewell game in front of 6577 spectators in the max-schmeling-hall with 20 points. This was not a consolation for the hungarian-born. Like four years ago, the DVV men miss the olympics. Against the french they just couldn’t build on their strong performance from the semifinal against bulgaria.

What a drama about grozer! The 35-year-old suffered a right calf injury in the second match of the preliminary round. Now he was already lying on the floor in the first round at the score of 1:1. Grozer had apparently hit his right leg in an unfortunate manner after a smash ball. The hall held its breath. And grozer? He limped, he grabbed his knee again and again, did stabilization exercises – and he kept going.

The germans did not let this early shock upset them, and grozer also bit the bullet in the truest sense of the word. At 16:18, the top attacker put a black cuff on his affected right knee during a timeout.

France, however, has now pulled away to 21:16. With the serves of earvin N’gapeth and jean patry, the german reception could not cope, in the block was the berlin nicolas le goff barenstark. The french deserved to win the first set.

Grozer had announced his departure from the national team long before the tournament, at the latest after tokyo. No other player has shaped german volleyball like him. Star moments such as world championship bronze in 2014 and european championship silver in 2017 would not have been possible without the hungarian-born athlete.

Grozer was the last player to get off the team bus before the final and received kisses from his daughters leana and doreen. On the massage bench in the team cabin was written with chocolate bars laid out: live your dream – leben euren traum.

Christian fromm, who had been such a strong attacker in the tournament, did not get going at all, and the french repeatedly played fast through the middle. Grozer gave everything, also helped out again and again in the defense. The german team could not repeat its excellent performance from the semi-final against bulgaria (3:1).

Grozer again swore in his team. And the diagonal attacker even gave his team a 6:3 lead. Even after that he was there again and again and braced himself against the defeat. A self-sacrificing grozer was not enough in the end.

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