Unpopular train station remains a hot topic in kitzingen city council

unpopular train station remains a hot topic in kitzingen city council

The topic of the train station and the redesign of the surrounding area remains a perennial hot potato and a source of excitement in the kitzingen city council, and at the same time a game of chicken. In the meeting on thursday, the building administration failed in its attempt to inject some momentum into the plans that have been underway since the mid-1990s.

The proposal to dispense with the so-called "competing procedure" decided in the fall of 2014 was rejected. In the process, several offices are to find the best solution for bus parking and parking& find ride parking in the north of the station. If the procedure was abandoned, a bureau could be commissioned with the planning on the basis of the long-standing tasks and planning objectives. This would save time that was lost in the difficult negotiations with the railroad company. Among other things, because the railroad planned to sell the station completely, argued head of the building department oliver graumann. He met with little sympathy and in some cases complete incomprehension, right across the parliamentary groups. Andreas moser (CSU) spoke of a "refusal to implement the political will of the city council.

"There were many clear words and at the end the clear message: "enforce the city council resolution of 30. September 2014 at." So it comes to the competing procedure for the projects in the north. Whether this is due to the fact that the public transport experts in the district office estimate the need for parking spaces to be at least 300 instead of 200 remains to be seen. In the meantime, it seems clear how the parking lot in the south could look like on the cleared allotment garden. It is still open, however, when it could start at the amalienweg. The votes in the city council were rather skeptical. Hans schardt (pro kitzingen) reminded that he already made plans for the surrounding area in 1996 and astrid glos (SPD) assumed that the "never ending story" will not be finished for the election in 2020 either.

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