Weir prepares for move

Weir prepares for move

The kronach volunteer fire department looks back on an eventful year. In addition, the honoring of deserving members was a focal point of the event. Further it was appealed to the comrades, in the autumn with the removal into the new fire station to help energetically.
Before that, chairman stefan wicklein spoke of an extensive program that had been completed in the past year.
He put the number of members at 382, 89 of whom are active. Wicklein was pleased that a purchase could be made from club funds in 2017. These were an animal rescue harness for coarse animals and a sill attachment for accident rescue.

Almost 5000 hours of service

Commander martin panzer reported on an eventful year 2017 with 207 missions in 4935 operating hours (in the previous year it was 3216) and 119 other appointments.
The head of the respiratory/radiation protection department, christian lieb, spoke of 37 respiratory protection officers who are on duty not only for the city, but also for the county.
The head of the youth fire department, christian reub, spoke of 15 fire department instructors and 23 training sessions. He was pleased that the youth fire department is getting its own room in the new fire station.
Hubertus pohl of the soccer department told of 22 players who were victorious in all three of their matches last year. 466 games have been played since 1994.

Growth instead of shrinkage

"We don't have a loss of members, we have growth!", hans hutzl, the seniors' representative, was pleased.
Mayor wolfgang beiergroblein emphasized that the city is aware that firefighting is a mandatory task of the municipalities.
Praising words found the district fire chief joachim ranzenberger for the honored members.
And the chief of police of the police inspection kronach, uwe herrmann, emphasized the good cooperation.
Finally, he thanked all members, honored and active members, as did beiergroblein. Special thanks also went to ludwig klinger, who was retired from active service.

Panzer is ready to resign

Martin panzer also commented on his decision to resign as commander at the turn of the year. The decision was not a knee-jerk reaction, nor did it have anything to do with the team, he emphasized. He was aware that anyone who is in a position of responsibility is also exposed to criticism. There are always others who think they know better. Only such do not have to answer for themselves. A commander hardly has any vacation time and he also has a job and a family. His thanks went to his two employers, who had always given him time off for his office in the past nine years and never made any demands on the city for loss of earnings. "Maybe they should have done this!" In the end he promised to continue to be available for the fire department. 

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