Weisendorf town center is becoming gentler

Weisendorf town center is becoming gentler

It is about the protection and preservation of buildings that are important to the local image, it is about the preservation of the variety of historical building forms while taking into account the typical local image as well as monument preservation concerns. Weisendorf citizens who own a house in the center of town can now also benefit from a municipal program for the redevelopment of the town center.
As the geographer and urban planner thomas rosemann and architect helmut kundinger from the topos team explained to the weisendorf town council, the municipal demand program serves to promote building culture and support the regional building tradition. Thus, in the construction of replacement buildings and new buildings, the above-mentioned goals should be taken into account, but also possible earlier "construction finds" be eliminated. The planning office has drawn up design guidelines in consultation with all the higher-level authorities, which the municipal council has unanimously approved.
The municipal demand program is intended to provide a financial incentive for the preservation and development of typical local and regional design features and a certain amount of compensation for the additional expenses associated with design guidelines. The guidelines state that the owner receives up to 30 percent or a maximum of 10,000 euros as a subsidy for a purchase, but in special cases this requirement can be higher.

There is no compulsion
"The burgers have nothing to fear. It is not, as has always been claimed, that the owner is forced to do anything. A redevelopment or conversion is voluntary", emphasized mayor alexander tritthart (CSU). The mayor sees a rough advantage for the owners of the redevelopment area in any case, because he can get professional advice, even if he decides against redevelopment.
Tritthart also drew attention to the fact that the residents do not "get started" immediately with the decision must. There are more than 15 years to think about a renovation and to plan it carefully and to discuss it with experts.
The market town of weisendorf will make detailed reference to the guidelines in the official gazette and on the community's website, and will make the relevant documents and applications available.
That the decided redevelopment of the village center has already fallen on open ears is shown by the invitation to tender for construction work of two private flat. "I think it is excellent that two owners have sought advice and want to take action", explained tritthart.
Both the raiffeisenbank and the hotel "jagerhof" on the other side of the street plan a change of their private open spaces. As the mayor explained, the path and landscaping work planned on the private properties is to be put out to tender together with the construction work for the traffic circle, after consultation with the road construction and urban development departments. For a later accounting of the costs, the work on the private areas will be marked as a separate title, this will be regulated by an agreement with the respective land owner, which is still to be concluded.

Public open space is being created
Both city planner thomas rosemann and mayor tritthart praised the cooperation of the bank and hotel owner jorg zink, who contribute to the preservation of the townscape. Thus, at the bank, the flat between the bank building and the sidewalk will be redesigned and an open space will be created. It is also thought to rearrange the parking spaces at a later date.
At the hotel opposite, city planner thomas rosemann is pleased that the bus stop at badweiher can be redesigned and made more coarse thanks to the owner's cooperation. The access to the guesthouse will also be redesigned and will get a barrier-free access.
By moving back the waiting house the waiting area will be more coarse and even a stone bench can be integrated. "This is a good thing and we have to thank the owner", explained tritthart and rosemann. The mayor naturally hopes that this will meet with an open ear from other residents, which is why the design statute was passed, which makes it possible to subsidize such tree removals.

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