Whining was not

Whining was not

The weather was almost a little too kind to tsv nudlingen this weekend. At temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees, the club with ex-professional stefan muller and his wife ulrike kicked off the 4. Fubball camp at the wurmerich. The kids between five and 14 years do not love to be impressed by the heat. They occasionally stuck their heads in a bucket of water or ran through the lawn sprinkler that had been set up. In addition, there were many additional breaks, during which the hard-working helpers around cake chef isabell back kept drinking bottles ready and chopped lots of apples and melons. Lunch for the 67 children and their six TSV coaches was prepared by armin bott.

"In the foreground is the spab", explains youth leader andre iff, who was responsible for the organization of the camps. The idea for the fubball camp came about after about 20 children from nudlingen had taken part in the camp in burgwallbach every year. "Parents asked me if it couldn't be done locally", says iff. And the demand is rough. For many boys – and a few girls, too – the camp is the high point of the year. They are present every year.

No tournament competition
Word has spread about the good youth work of TSV nudlingen. About 50 percent of the participants are foreign, brought from burkardroth, wollbach, eltingshausen or garitz three days in a row. Often they are participants of the TSV indoor football tournament in winter. The rakoczy weekend is a good time for a camp, says iff. Then there are no soccer tournaments in the area at the same time, and the parents can leave their child at soccer while they relax.

Dad and mom are only called upon again on sunday afternoon, when the parents compete against their kids, before the final award ceremony at the end of the weekend. Stefan muller and his wife then had another fubball camp. This year there are 22 in total with an average of 100 kids. From t-shirt ordering and printing to set-up and tear-down, they do it all themselves. During the week, they prepare the camps, which they run every weekend from march to october.

The heat hurt in florida
"We used to organize soccer camps all over the world," says iff, tells muller. In addition to mallorca and ibiza, they once traveled with 60 families for ten days to florida for a soccer camp, where they were joined by another 30 american children. Sounds great, but apart from the soccer field and the hotel, they had seen nothing of florida and "at 50 degrees in the shade, every ten minutes we went with the children into an air-conditioned room in the hotel. It was like holding a lighter to your skin", stefan muller remembers. The weekend in nudlingen was comparatively cool by comparison. The kids are sure: "next year we will be back again."

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