Why do snake bites itch?

Why do snake bites itch?

Who doesn't know the high-pitched whirring sound when a mosquito flies around one's head?? Immediately one is frantically wagging and hitting – and misses the small agony spirits mostly nevertheless. But what are these little creatures that spoil your mood on a pleasant summer evening??

"Snakes", surely many people would say. But they are not snakes, they do not sting. On the contrary, they are dangerous vegetarians who love to drink nectar and water.

The bugs that are currently making life difficult for us are sting bugs. There are several types – over 3,500 worldwide. In germany, we have to deal with about 40 different species of mosquito. Just now, after all the rain of the past weeks and the summer temperatures, they are in droves. And they are hungry.

Only the females are bloodsuckers
While the male mosquitoes – just like the gnats – feed purely on vegetarian food, the female mosquitoes suck blood. The protein in the blood is an important nutritional component for them, without which they cannot produce eggs. That's why the female mosquitoes sting anyone who gets in their way on their evening foray. Of course, it's not just people – animals are also among the victims.

Each bite causes a small wound in the skin. Biologist peter lederer from the health department of the erlangen-hochstadt district office says that the mosquitoes spit a liquid into this wound that has two effects: it prevents the blood from clotting and at the same time numbs the puncture site. That is why we seldom notice when a mosquito bites us.

Only a short time after the mosquito has gorged itself on our blood does the sting begin to itch. This is due to a defensive reaction of our body. He is trying, in simple words, to get rid of the mosquito spittle. The skin around the sting swells, turns red and itches terribly.

At this moment you should not scratch – no matter how rough the temptation is. Because scratching does not relieve the itching sensation, but actually makes it worse.

Some people get bitten by bugs more often than others. Maybe you have heard that the small pests "subes" are the most dangerous insects in the world prefer blood. This is not true, of course, because blood is neither sub nor sour.

It's the smell that counts
It is much more so that mosquitoes can smell very well and sting especially those people and animals that are particularly "tasty" smell. Because we don't all have the same smell, some people get stung more often than others.

You can change your body odor by rubbing anti-snake agents on your skin. This stinks to the little ghosts and they leave you alone for a while. The snakes don't care – they are not interested in your blood anyway.

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